About Us

Suzhou Texnet was established in 2002. The company is located in Suzhou, where it takes about 1 hour by highway from Shanghai.

We have been in the medical supplies business since the establishment. We have very strong manufacturing facilities of our own which are CE certified and producing superior quality first-aid products, gauze products, bandages, disposable and consumable products,etc.

We export the products to our customers all around the world including USA, South America, Africa, Europe, Israel, Malaysia, UAE etc.

With many years of the related experience,we are confident to provide with our clients high quality products with fair prices and professional service. In order to grow bigger and stronger with our partners,we pay very close attention to any inquiry from our clients. We always take our commitment to our clients the 1st priority as we believe our clients satisfaction is the basis of the long-term partnership. Let's work together for brighter future.

When you become our business partner, you will find the unique characteristics of Texnet,which is "deliver more for less".

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Gloves                Urine Bag           Paper Drape       Laryngeal Airway Mask                      TEL:+86-512-62722079

Bandage             Feeding Bag       Dental Roll         Endotracheal Tube                            FAX:+86-512-67620290

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Tape                   Urine Cup           Oxygen Mask      Infusion Set