FKC-Ⅲ type planktonic bacteria sampler

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FKC-Ⅲ type planktonic bacteria sampler

        FKC-Ⅲ type planktonic bacteria sampler is an efficient micro porous suction collector. It is based on isokinetic sampling design, sampling directly collecting head mouth wind speed and wind remain basically the same clean room, clean room accurately reflect the concentration of microorganisms. Sampling, with the air speed through the porous dust and bacteria, is uniformly impinge on the surface of the agar petri dish; greatly improved in accordance with ISO14698-1 standard collection efficiency of active particles. System designed to optimize the impact velocity, ensuring biological efficiency.

       Instrument uses computer control panel, low noise pump sampling, therefore, simple operation, stable performance. Collection head made of 316L stainless steel, may be suitable for a variety of ways disinfection.


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