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Gauze Bandage
Gauze Bandage

Gauze Bandage

Product ID : TEX00022
Product Attributes :

Mesh : 19x15,24x20,26x18,etc

Size : 5x4.5m,7.5x4.5m,10x4.5m,etc

Material : 100%cotton

Product Description

Gauze bandage
3.CE&ISO Approved

Non-sterile Gauze Bandage with Mesh 30x28,26x18,19x15,24x20

Gauze bandage


Yarn and mesh Specification Quantity
40S 19X15 1"x4y 12rolls/pkt 400doz/ctn
2"x4y 12rolls/pkt 200doz/ctn
3"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
4"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
5"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
6"x4y 12rolls/pkt 80doz/ctn
8"x4y 12rolls/pkt 60doz/ctn
1"x5m 12rolls/pkt 400doz/ctn
2"x5m 12rolls/pkt 200doz/ctn
3"x5m 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
4"x5m 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
5"x5m 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
6"x5m 12rolls/pkt 80doz/ctn
8"x5m 12rolls/pkt 60doz/ctn
1"x6y 12rolls/pkt 200doz/ctn
2"x6y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
3"x6y 12rolls/pkt 50doz/ctn
4"x6y 12rolls/pkt 50doz/ctn
5"x6y 12rolls/pkt 50doz/ctn
6"x6y 12rolls/pkt 40doz/ctn
8"x6y 12rolls/pkt 30doz/ctn
40S 30X20 2"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
3"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
4"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
6"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn
8"x4y 12rolls/pkt 100doz/ctn

Mesh: 38*25/32*30....


bleached and hydrophilized made of 40/32/21 S yarn.

Sterilized by EO,own CE/ISO Certificate.

Fit for body without creasing.

High quality with competitive prices, complete specifications.

Different widths, lengths and packages are available according to your requirements!

We can do OEM for you!

Packing: Individual package

Looking forward to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with you!

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