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Dental Roll
Dental Roll

Dental Roll

Product ID : TEX00382
Product Attributes :

Size : Can be customized

Certificate : CE&ISO

OEM : Available

Product Description

Dental roll

Dental Rolls are cylindrically shaped sponges made from 100% non-woven cotton. Dental rolls are used extensively wherever absorbency and cushioning are needed in general and special surgery. These rolls are non-strung, non X-Ray cotton rolls similar to those used in the dental profession, but in a sterile package.


The standard dental roll is specially modified for surgical use with a single, 16" string sewn through and knotted at one end of the roll for positive sponge location. An X-ray detectable thread has been inserted lengthwise in the cylinder to assist in locating.

TEX 382   40 x 8 mm     50 pcs/bundle
TEX 383 40 x 10 mm   50 pcs/bundle
TEX 384 40 x 12 mm   50 pcs/bundle

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